Recently I installed Haiku on my computer, but with one problem: the browser does not show up. When I go to applications it is not there. Could this because I don’t yet have wireless running yet?

Also, I cannot get wireless to work on my key protected network. I’m not sure what to do. Please help!!

You mean you were running alpha one or some other build older than alpha 2? Where have you been? :wink: WebPositive is very new with development starting sometime around last December IIRC, which means that at the time of release of alpha 1 it didn’t exist yet.

As with all software that is under active development things can change from day to day. For example, a fix was recently committed for the intel extreme driver that allows certain Intel Atom based motherboards to boot up normally instead of having to boot up in safe mode or disable the intel extreme video driver. You only get that driver with nightly builds after the commit date so, if you had one of those Intel motherboards you’d want to be running a fairly recent nightly build.

Sounds like you are running a nightly build. WebPositive is not yet included in the nightly builds. Alpha 2 had both WebPositive and Bezilla included but alpha 2 was a bit rough around the edges. If running a nightly build you can get optional packages by running the installoptionalpackage script e.g. “insatalloptionalpackage webopositive”. See http://www.haiku-os.org/guides/dailytasks/installoptionalpackage

As far as wireless goes, AFAIK it is still under active development. There is no applet to allow you to select which network you want to join yet. Neither is there an applet to allow you to enter a password for encrypted networks. On top of that only WEP is possible ATM and it has to be setup using the command line setwep program.

Remember we are dealing with real alpha software here. Unlike an Ubuntu or a Windows alpha which, are usually upgrades of fairly feature complete operating systems, haiku is basically being written from scratch and will have to be a bit more feature complete before it even reaches R1 status. Still I find it really exciting to be a part of a community that is bringing something really refreshing to the OS scene. For example, I have not seen anything that comes even close to being as responsive as haiku on Intel Atom based systems (netbooks and nettops).

Hope that helps and welcome to haiku.

If you are running R1A2, then it could be that you have picked up a image that has errors. On some images, there was a corruption in the webkit files, stopping web+ from running. If this is the case for you, simply delete the web+ folder in /boot/apps/, and install a new version with the installoptionalpackage script.

Thanks guys! I think that was it; I went to my main partition, deleted the old Haiku, got a new one (not a nightly build) and it worked fine. Thanks guys!

Thank you both and to the general Haiku community for welcoming people who are new to the project feel right at home.

Also, thanks again for all your help.