WebPositive won't open in hrev50149 x86_64

When I try to open Webpositive in the hrev50149 x86_64 I just get the message: missing libraries, libicul18n.so.54, libicuuc.so.54, libwebp.so.5. Reinstalling Webpositive from Haiku Depot does not get them. Neither can I find them with Haiku Depot. Where can I get these libraries or do some libraries need links created with these names?

Hi cebif,

not every lib is fully “ported” to x86_64
I really would suggest to use the gcc2_hybrid. Thats the most commen used
and the main developed version.

If still want to use the x86_64 i would suggest that you install haikuporter
and start compiling the suff on your own… (i am not shure if there are recepies for x86_64 libs)
But maybe then you need to write your own recepies… at the moment this is what it cost to
run x86_64 version of haiku.

Here you can read som futher informaitons about haiikuporter:

So are you saying ICU is or includes these missing libraries and WebP has been updated with them but not Webkit and it is Webkit that is dependant on them or these libraries although updated, have not been compiled into a package? I’m a bit confused sorry. Unless it is possible to update/compile Webkit against the newer versions of the libraries from just the source of these newer version libraries.


You can't create symlinks to fix things. There is a good reason for versionning the libraries (the ABI changes from version to version), otherwise we would make things simple and not change the name at all.

It seems someone updated ICU and WebP and there is a dependency problem in WebKit so it will not install the older libraries as dependencies. This means WebKit would have to be rebuilt.

Package building and upload is currently a manual and time consuming process, so the repos tend to fall out of date, especially on architectures that are not officially supported yet such as x86_64. Hopefully we will soon have a better package build system which will automate this and limit the problems.

I have an open ticket in trac for this #12659. A couple of libs have been forgotten to be included in the 64 bit image file. You can download both from HaikuDepot to get Webpositive working again. Both files were included in all builds prior to hrev50097, so anybody updating from an earlier build would never have noticed that a problem existed.

The actual reason is that the hpkg for haikuwebkit-1.5.2-1 on x86_64 is broken, it has no actual version dependencies because it was built with a broken version of Haikuporter. I’ve not managed to rebuild a package, sorry for that.
For the moment, just install the packages icu54 and libwebp5, that’s all. They provide the missing libraries you listed.

Again sorry for the trouble.


Thanks for letting me know package names that contain those missing files. I was searching for the actual file names in Haiku Depot.