WebPositive r515 For Alpha 2

Seems that Stippi (Stephan) updated WebPositive to version 515 for Alpha 2. This version will not work on newer, Haiku trunk builds - use other version linked below for that. Instructions below how to download it. Rename your old WebPositive folder to avoid losing it.


unzip to /boot/ for normal install.


mmlr site is down!

Your package is broken

Missing symbol: _ZNB9Language…

r36814 gcc4hybrid

The linked WebPositive build above is only for Alpha 2 Release. :slight_smile:

You need to download another version for Haiku Trunk Builds. Two versions of WebPositive, one for Alpha 2 (and much older Haiku trunk builds) and one for newer Haiku trunk builds.

For newer, Haiku Trunk Builds:

Nice, it’s still just getting better! A few things are still missing, but it’s certainly looking good.

installed r515 on Haiku Alpha2, no problems. surfing wireless from bed, on an IBM laptop, with a native webkit based browser in Haiku. wow. Haiku IS progressing nicely. :slight_smile:

Suggestion for the next version: WebM support !


Opera, Chrome and Mozilla already got it, Explorer soon.

+1! It should probably be implemented through the media_server though.