WebPositive on non SSE2 systems

Well that explains it. Maybe haiku can do the same, or have a developer are I can learn to it?

That last bit is hardly a fair comparison given that they were still using 8-bit machines with sub-16 MHz processors and less than 1 MB ram in the 80s whereas in 2000 you could easily have a 500 MHz machine with 256 MB ram.

If you or someone else has the programming chops you’d better off starting with the last release of either webkit or WebPositive that supports SSE.

From there you would look to fork it and backport anything you can from the current release.

If you get anywhere I’d be interesting in hearing about it, since I have a Dell Latitude C600 with a 1 GHz P3 and 512 MB ram. Of course when
I ran an older Haiku release (burned CD) in the Live mode it seems to crash/hang pretty easily…