Webpositive loses url of open tabs after restart without network enabled

[Att. Starcrasher
I know about the Haiku ports bug tracker, but I can’t write in the Github pages using WebPositive, because the font is written in white against the white of the text boxes.]

The ethernet cable is a bit loose and I restarted the Haiku system without network.
Started Webpositive, all the sixteen tabs opened fine, as configured to restart with the last session.

But, as the network was not accessible, I got a lot of messages saying that the url x couldn’t be found.

Webpositive lost all those urls. I’ve already restarted it, pressed F5 for a refresh, but the urls seem really lost.

Maybe this is something to improve.
Thank you.

Already tracked with #17624 (WebPositive forgets URIs of tabs when network is down) – Haiku

As a workaround, I kill Web+ with the Vulcan Death Grip™. Killing (not quitting!) with ProcessController should work as well, to avoid Web+ saving its tab state.

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