WebPositive issue with Gitlab & Github

Good day,

This issues are sort of strange as sometimes they are there, sometimes they are not. Basically, I can’t log in to those webistes with WebPositive. Might be due to evolution of GitLab and Github websites and WebPositive trying to catch up?.

I’ve reported the issue here though not sure right now if this new flaw is related to that prior ticket, though I updated said ticket accordingly also with these two images:

In case this issue is not related to that ticket let me know to create a new one.


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I think this is known for a long time now!
But it is much more better than it was in March!

I closed the ticket since It was in relation to a crash that you can’t reproduce anymore. Please open new ones for freezes or other failures, it’s really hard to figure out what was fixed and what wasn’t if it’s all in one ticket. : )

Maybe you could open a ticket for each of those? one for github and one for gitlab. They look like different issues to me (Though obviously the route cause could very well be the same, hard to tell before investigating)