Webdav File Manager Sync

I use my Nextcloud for daily use and sync all my files with it. Unfortunately I did not find a way to sync my files in Haiku in a comfortable way.
Now I found the app “Cadaver” in Haiku Depot, which works well in the terminal. That helps to get and put at least some files.
I am searching for a GUI for Cadaver or a way to sync my files in the file manager of Haiku. Do we have a Caldav sync in Haiku?

Using Webpositive with Nextcloud is hard work. I often get logged out and many icons are not shown. So this not a good way to work witt my cloud.


There is no calendar with any sync functionality for Haiku, AFAIK.
Also i don’t know about any gui webdav client, but mucommander (Java based) could work.

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Krusader + kio_extras supports WebDav.

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Thanks for your tipps. Unfortunately Mucommander starts with many errors under Java JRE 14 from Haiku Depot. So I deinstalled both.
Krusader works with kio_extras but I don’t get a connection to my cloud. I always get the error 401, which is an authentication error.
I use the same login data in the terminal app Cadaver and this works good. So it must be a problem in Krusader.
I will use Cadaver further on. For working with some files it is okay.

I would just use the browser version of Nextcloud but with Webpositive it is hard work. It is slow and many icons (i.e. in the menu) are only shown when the mouse is hovering them. The Files app gives me an error that I am not allowed to upload or edit a file. So there is no way for good working with files.
The Otter browser shows an empty web site with the background picture. It doesn’t show the login form.
The Falkon browser just crashes while opening the Nextcloud login page.

At the end I have at least Cadaver to connect to my cloud.

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