We will not vanish,We will not die

I want to thank all you guys who after all these years keep putting in alot of effort to keep the dream alife.
I still love BeOS and Haiku and want to do all I can to help,how about setting up bounties or a kickstarter?

Hi hydragon,

the idea of kickstarter campaigns or bounties comes up every once in a while. Have a search for “kickstarter” on this site or on the Haiku Inc. mailing list. (Probably also on the haiku-development list, but freelist’s search sucks incredibly…)

I’d say many (most?) of the currently active devs/users in the Haiku project see more problems than gains from kickstarter/bounties. Of the ones in favour or the ‘outsiders’ suggesting such a move, nobody seems to be able to shoulder the immense work a compelling campaign requires. Or deal with the intense mentoring/testing/evaluating a contractor will demand, if such a person/group can be found.

Therefore Haiku Inc. has up to now preferred to spend donations on tried-and-proven Haiku developers. Those are pretty much low-maintenance, as they just do what they’d do anyway, but full-time instead of cramming in a few hours a week after their paid job.


The HAIKU LIBERATION ORGANIZATION is fighting to prevent Haiku from killing itself.

Yessir Haikufat