We need bebits.com back!


There’s a list of the bigger software sites on the “Community” section of the website under Software Sites. People can report new or abandoned sites or a changed URL of a moved site. Best as a pull request for software.md.


someone needs to update the link on the software sites page :sweat:


You’d be the perfect guy to do that, if you’re familiar with pull-requests or wouldn’t mind learning about them. :slight_smile:
I don’t even know the new official URL…


bebytes will henceforth be home at http://www.be.wildman-productions.org/ much better bandwidth and undoubtedly better uptime. as for pull requests, sure i’ve worked with git a bit in the past, can’t say it was my favorite thing in the world… :weary:


@Wildman is the source code aviable?
I think BeBits clode are nice in the new modern desing, with some funktion for 3rd-Party Application Developer and Artists.

PayPal support
Stats/Ranking system
pastbin(txt, png, etc)

I Think Golang are a good language to do this.

thx stargater


it’s just good old php, mysql, and html, I never got into fancy webpage engines or whatever else is out there now that is big, bloated, and brings an older x86 machine to its knees.


I tried to create an account at BeBytes, but did not get the verification e-mail. The “Contact Us” link goes to a nonexistent page, so I have no idea who to contact. How can I get my account activated?


Can you also make a site HaikuBytes.org?

I do not like how complex HaikuDepot makes simple downloads. Also a number of times I use HaikuDepot and it can’t find the dependencies, whereas a .ZIP file can contain all the files needed to download in a single download.

I also run in the problem where if I download all the HaikuDepot files needed for an install I still can not install since HaikuDepot insists on go to the Internet and many time I am not connected.

Again, a .ZIP file would solve the problem.


Shouldn’t you be able to drop any hpkg into /system/packages/ or ~/config/packages? ZIP files are nice for sampling programs but I wouldn’t want to depend on them for keeping a system up to date.


Mmmh, you want to download zip files from the internet because haikudepot do this too?

If a package is available on haikudepot, you install all needed stuff to get it running,. If you use a zip, file you need to do all this background work by hand.

You can download the hpkg files by hand too: http://depot.haiku-os.org


No, I like having the programs available in a storage area that I can pull from when I need it.

And I want to install the programs WHEN I want, WHERE I want, and HaikuDepot does not let you do that!.

Try your suggestion. Disconnect your internet then try dropping a hpkg into the right folder, for 70% of the programs the system will choke because it can not get the dependencies.

Look, I go to the cabin up north - No internet.

I am going to Cuba at the end of the month, do not even suggest using that slow internet.

I go on cruises later this year, not only is the internet slow, it is EXPENSIVE!

I want the ability to download all files of programs I would like to try out, and be able to add and remove them without needing internet for them.


The thing to blame is not the package manager here. It’s the fact that it enables people to port things with dependencies, and people make use of the feature. Most of this software would not have been available at all without a package manager.


What I am complaining about the package manager is that it always goes to the internet for those dependencies, why can’t I point it to a folder instead where I have all the .hpkg files already downloaded? Why is not wanting internet requirement a negative.


Ok, thats the way Haiku doing installing packages. Haiku have a package management. If you want a BeOS way to install there you want, use the old alpha 4.

See my suggestion. Download all packages you need (the dependencies too, if you know which you need). Then drop the hpkg files on the package folder to install (not using HaikuDepot).

An other way is to download the hpkg files and unpack them to a place of your choice. Then drop all files you need to the non-package folder to install. But here too, you need to know the dependencies.

There is a big problem with downlading files from othere sources, because all zip files can include old program versions with old source folders for the program files. Many of them are write protected in Haiku, so you does not can install them this way anymore.

So my tip, download all needed hpkg packages on your system to install then if you need by hand, dropping them to package folder, or unpacking and placing them in non-package.


This is a good idea. Please do a suggestion to it on the Haiku bug tracker: https://dev.haiku-os.org


The importand thing is, that people does not install programs with every time ditherent folder paths for libs and drivers. So we does not have sld libs in ten folders for ten programs, we have only ten programs with the same libs, for example.


The dependencies for an recipe could be listed too?!


You can, from the command line. If you have 3 packages already downloaded, say a.hpkg, b.hpkg, c.hpkg, then run this from the directory where you downloaded the files:

pkgman install a.hpkg b.hpkg c.hpkg

If all the interdependencies are fulfilled, it may be smart enough not to download anything. Nope, it still tries to access the repositories to update their contents. To avoid Internet access, you’ll have to drop all the repositories (use the “pkgman drop” command), then do the install, then at some later time when you want Internet repositories, add back the repositories (make a list before you drop them).


“pkgman drop” command is used to remove a repository.


Speaking of pkgman, is anyone else having trouble with pkgman update?