Wanted: Screenshot of nightly Touchpad prefs

My touchpad isn’t recognized as such by the Input preferences. Therefore I can’t take a screenshot of them for the User Guide. I’m looking for someone with a correctly recognized touchpad on a nightly Haiku. The prefs panel needs to show the newly added Keyboard lock delay slider.

The system should use Haiku’s default theme with a font size of 10pt, the prefs should be the active window and no mouse pointer in the shot, please.



Thanks madmax!
If it’s not too much trouble, could you set a horizontal and vertical scroll area by moving those red lines. Compare to the current image.
Maybe also move the sensitivity and lock delay sliders a bit so they are not at the min/max. Looks nicer. :slight_smile:

Ask, and you shall be given.



Looks a bit like mine (but I guess fontsize was too big here) :slight_smile:

Colours are a tad off, too… :slight_smile:
Thanks guys!

Danke, Polli. Könntest Du dasselbe nochmal mit einer Schriftgröße 10 hochladen (oder PM)?

Von Schriften und Schriftgrößen habe ich bisher meine Finger gelassen, nachdem dadurch vor längerer Zeit einmal Chaos angesagt war…
Wo stelle ich die Schriftgröße (temporär?) ein?

Erscheinungsbild ??


Ist das so OK?

Keine Ahnung, weshalb sich die Einstellung (Tipp-Empfindlichkeit) geändert hat.
Ich war es nicht!

Rest of languages sent by email, except Slovak, which does not seem to have a translation.

Thanks everyone! Especially madmax, shooting all translations was much more effort than I dared to ask for… :clap: :clap: :clap:

Normally, providing localized screenshots is the job of the translators, but in this case, as not everyone may not be able to reproduce the Touchpad settings (me, for example…), I’ll upload madmax’s.
Thanks a lot!