Want to make a bitcoin donation

Hi everyone! I love this proyect I have been following it since a while now and I want to make a bitcoin donation. I have to do this from Bitstamp where I have an account. But I see that the wallet has changed from last time I checked is that normal ? now it is 1D3MxjWT7xKTNEz17TFeMa6q9p7vjwo9Ap is that correct ? Also I see that the amount must be 0.01 (“Send exactly 0.01 BTC (plus miner fee) to:”) I want to know if there is any problem if the amount is different.
I think I am missing something here because normally I only need a destination wallet and the amount can be any.
Sorry if this question is too stupid. Thanks. Christian

You should be using the two addresses on this page: http://www.haiku-inc.org/donations.html


or 1KgTiDWAq3QvpcCv5ceisBNxDCVinQiE14 via coinbase.com

AFAIK, your wallet shouldn’t change if it has you better contact the service provider! if you did mine on your computer your wallet number never change unless you erased or closed the wallet.

this is how far my knowledge goes for this crypto currency subject. not an easy thing to understand right away!