Wallpaper contest?

Hi People,
can we start a Wallparer contest for the AlphaR1 ?

I’ve been thinking that R1 ought to come with a few sample images, suitable for use as screen backgrounds but also as demo images for ShowImage.

I’d be happy to donate two or three original photos of a suitably haikuesque flavour (serene nature shots) , with or without Haiku logo. Is that the sort of thing you have in mind?

It’s a good idea, I will be glad to contribute, in fact, since a few days i’m working doing some wallpaper mockups (just design, without photos).

For example: http://pizte.deviantart.com/art/Haiku-Wallpaper-Test-II-137298356

As a photographer, I will also contribute with some photos, but in the long term. Right now I don’t have anything that fits the Haiku style.

I love the idea. I could send in some of the super wierd backgrounds I make.