Waddlesplush suddenly broke app_server model without discussion

I am not sure does Discourse forum engine support this.

There is the Lounge category.

As a non-developer (but passionate Haiku user) I would like to comment that I find some elements of these conversations very useful to understand the challenges Haiku developers face, the ideas you are working on, and the thinking behind the development of the project. I also hope that we are free to express opinions, ideas and preferences around what is developed.

Maybe a separate topic that is opt-in (for everyone) is the way to go - with a commitment to keep discourse civil and non-pejorative (without losing the passion).

People from different cultures (and with different first languages) may sometimes express themselves in ways that we as individuals find confronting - it is useful to remember not to dive into our first reaction to a comment. We will not always agree, or even like each other, and that is ok, if we remain respectful. passionate disagreement is healthy and fertile ground if respect is maintained.


Be spontaneous, after the “quarrel” as long as civil, once the dispute is negotiated and everyone is willing to accept the compromise, there is always the catharsis that makes the group stronger and more cohesive.
Otherwise, there is anger that builds up and that the next few times will create more damage until it breaks. And it would be a great pity to lose valid elements. There is a need for great order but also for great creativity, and in the synthesis there is the Big Win.
As I understand it, someone is more for schematicity and order and someone else for creativity and experimentation. Both are needed.
With these premises I am of the opinion that passion is always in favor of a project, whatever it is. So I’m always in favor of Be

First of all, I completely agree with Adrien and others about the tone. If we don’t manage to keep the drama and hurt feelings out of it, things will only go down hill.

And second of all, in Augustin’s defense, I kind of said on that review that I would be okay with him committing this patch now IF he is willing to fix this correctly in the not so distant future.

This patch fixes the problem, but is also pretty much a hack, and should not be the way forward. But that’s completely independent from the app_server being torn apart in the future or not.


After sighing at the title of this thread and having not read a single word of the entire thread other than this reply, all I want to add is that this kind of toxicity that is happening right now is one of the reasons why I started contributing to Haiku (because I did not visibly see it back then) and it is also one of the reasons why I distanced myself from the project for a bit.

Apologies if I sound like I’m trying to take on the role of an authority, which I am not in any way, but speaking solely as just another contributor/community member: Please just find a way to stop this so that we don’t end up on the front page of Hacker News, thanks.


Some people flaged the OP and several comments as inappropriate. While I concur mostly, I think it’d be the wrong move to hide this thread under the carpet. Obviously the Haiku project has similar issues as other projects of people not finding the right tone and venue when they are cross with some decision.

I suggest the main characters hash out the technical details on the development mailing list, where they won’t get distracted by the peanut gallery (no offense…).