Vulkan lavapipe software rendering is working on Haiku

Keep in mind that Beta4 release is not yet out so we might be in the midst of a feature freeze until the release day.

I’m with the nightly , and anyway what’s the problem? they are not installed by default


Didn’t BeOS use OpenGL as its graphics driver? I’m operating under the assumption that Mesa, being the OpenGL equivalent for Haiku and others, is a core component. Zink should definitely come out but not while core components are being tested against for a release.

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I was referring to the vulkan lavapipe, zink should work automatically on top of vulkan no need for any changes, just tell the mesa with a variable to use zink…
$ LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH=/tmp/zink/lib64/dri/ MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=zink glxgears -info
(on linux it works like this, not sure it’s the same on haiku).
However, I think it should be better, since opengl not accelerated at all is of little use :slight_smile:
Mesa lavapipe is not installed by default, that’s what I meant,
I don’t know if I’m misunderstanding.

If there’s a way to switch OpenGL emulation with a runtime switch, then there’s no reason for concern. My concern was the changes that would otherwise be needed in Mesa.

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If and when there will be accelerated drivers in the gpus, they will directly use accelerated openGL library, or if there will never be and there will be only accelerated vulkan, like the X512 drivers for ATI, then zink is used, is the shortest way … and at the moment probably the only way to have openGL accelerated via gpu … the second option is lavapipe which are vulkan accelerated via CPU, which with CPU with many cores you have decent performance, and consequently also decent openGL

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$ MESA_LOADER_DRIVER_OVERRIDE=zink glxgears -info
Awhile ago, I added the Zink patches from X512 to Mesa 23.0 (now officially a stable release). I may get things finalized after the R1B4 release (or someone else) for Mesa 23.0.1.


this is good news, so if i start an app that uses opengl (blender) with that variable, is zink already working in the nightly? … I’m going to give it a try immediately

Not yet. Just lavapipe. Most of the recent Zink patches were based around Mesa 23.0. Although, I backported them. Yet, wait till Mesa 23.0.x.


Great work @X512 :sunglasses: :muscle:


There is an in-progress Vulkan driver for pre-GCN Radeon HD 6000 series GPUs that might be of interest to people here:


this is fantastic news for me

How this going all now? it looks so cool on 2021