Vulkan lavapipe software rendering is working on Haiku

I wish there was an other way than PayPal. I just don’t do PayPal.

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If you’re okay with donating to the project as a whole, Haiku Inc does accept Liberapay (an alternative to Pay Pal and Patreon), checks and bitcoin as alternative payment methods.
More information here: Please make a tax-deductible gift today. - Haiku, Inc.

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Wow, any idea about the patt to direct card outout for rendering ??? I see the first step for gpu compute is here .

Awesome progress

I have a regular donation going to Haiku as a whole. I just don’t use PayPal and that means donating directly to x512 for this specific work is… well… I would love to but just can’t. I do however really, apricate him taking on this task.

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Hmm, @X512, would you be willing to set up a Liberapay account for this case?

That way the people who don’t use PayPal have an alternative platform they can donate via if they choose to directly support you.

More samples are working. Memory copy speed problem is not yet fixed, so ~11 FPS limit.







Is this a issue with dma in the kernel ??

Driver is working fully in userland including DMA and physical memory mapping. Currently existing unmodified radeon_hd kernel driver is used to map MMIO registers and mappable VRAM area.


What are the next steps to get to output from graphics card natively, also kernel lsnd level drivers which are more performanant etc.

Just for those of us following along, wondering what the road map looks like


Perhaps it might be a good idea to split the RADV posts into another topic or renaming the topic title?

Yes, I think that splitting Radeon driver work is a good idea. Maybe from here.


Speed is improved by replacing memcpy() with vkCmdCopyImage().


Software rendering with llvmpipe for comparison:



Liberapay is not a payment processor, payments are still processed through either Paypal or Stripe (at the choice of the people setting up their account to receive money). It is just a convenient web interface to set up recurring donations to several projects/people in a single place.

But if you want to donate something to a specific developer, it’s simpler to contact them privately and arrange something that works for both of you and doesn’t have too high fees.


Oh okay, I wasn’t aware of that.

This is awesome. Which graphics card (class) can we expect to work with this? amdgpu also? radeon also? And for now this is Vulkan only right?

@X512 Also I have no knowledge about this, but the slower frame rate can be due to RAM and chip timings that OS might adjust usually if graphics card is used with 3D.

Currently Radeon Southern Islands Verde only. Planned to be extended for all Southern Islands+ cards. Driver implements amdgpu drmIoctl API. Implementing OpenGL is planned by using translator over Vulkan (Zink etc.).


What will happen with old but no so old gpu with no vulkan support?

The computer where i use haiku have a iGP intel 2nd gen, and it is good to play some emulators, will this receive support too?

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Perhaps a strategy for GPUs without Vulkan support would be to write Haiku GL drivers for them. That or eventually port the Mesa GL drivers afterwards. Whichever one is preferred/easier.

Possible. Several third-party developers with projects targeting legacy game consoles and GPUs.

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