Can one run VNC with Haiku? Will Haiku support xen?

   Do you mean to have vnc control your Haiku box, or have your Haiku box control another box. It might support Xen in glass elevator, but only if a suggestion is accepted. It will almost certainly not before that.

   VNC will probably work (either way) as soon as someone ports it, which means a coder that cares or something like a haiku bounty.

The James has spoken, and is full of it.

VNC server port exists for BeOS already - and I’ve heard at least one person was able to get the server running on Haiku. I think there may have been some code modifications in order to make it work properly.

looks like there is also a somehwat recent VNC Viewer, but I’m not sure if that works or not:

As for Xen - I think I heard that newer versions of Xen can work without any special modifications to the guest OS right?