VNC Server


I’m trying to find a VNC Server to run under Haiku alpha 4 but can’t seem to find anything. The bebits links are dead. Does anybody here have a link to appropriate code that I can compile? Or a pre-packaged server?

I’m an experienced *nix admin but know next to nothing about BeOS/Haiku - but I have tried to search these forums and use the googles.

Any help would be appreciated.


Hi toki,

no idea about Alpha4. But there are working recipes for vncserver and vncviewer at haikuports. Those will create HPKGs for Haiku with package management, i.e. nightlies. I have no idea, however, how well they’ll run…


This guy kim1963, he has some good stuff!

When I add your repository to HaikuDepot, it only shows VLC & BeZilla even though a web browser shows much more.

Awesome - thanks!

You can find the latest version of my VNCServer at (1.26 is the latest) or on my BeShare. It’s a .zip file which contains executables for BeOS (x86 and PPC) and assorted Haiku varieties.

For recent versions of Haiku with the Package Manager feature, unzip it and move the appropriate .hpkg file to /boot/home/config/packages to install it. Newer Haiku versions (last month or two) will do that for you if you double click the .hpkg

Check the HaikuDepot menu at the top of the window. By default it only shows “featured” packages. Adjust the settings to show all packages.

Who would have known! Thanks! Got it.