VNC server randomly stops working

We have the VNC server set up in Haiku Alpha 4 and it works great, except it occasionally stops functioning. We had the same exact problem with BeOS 5.03. It doesn’t drop connection while someone is connected remotely, it’s just that at some point during the day or night it ceases to function so that connecting remotely is not possible. Sometimes it will be fine for many days, other times only a day or so. Connecting with FTP remotely still works fine.

I’m guessing that the ethernet connection drops out occasionally, and VNC server doesn’t automatically “reset” or whatever, unlike Haiku’s FTP server. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this, maybe a script that reloads or reconnects VNC server every few hours? Also trying to figure out how to remotely execute a script using FTP, but so far no luck. We use VNC server extensively, and it’s costly in gasoline to keep driving over to reload VNC server on the Haiku computer. Thanks for any help.

you could start the ssh daemon and ssh into the box to kill / restart the vnc server.

first, you will need to add a user…

useradd username

then run sshd
/boot/common/bin/sshd &

to connect to the server:
ssh username@youripaddress

to find the process to kill:


and kill the server

kill processnumberofvncserver

Then launch the vncserver from the terminal command line. Remember to end the command line with & so that the server remains running when the ssh session is ended.