VNC connections to Haiku

I’ve been playing around with VNCServer-4.0-Haiku-AGMS-1.21 which I downloaded from Haikuware. I’m using the gcc2 version although both the gcc4 version and the VNCServer-4.0-BeOS-AGMS-1.21 seem to work equally well for me.

Using the native Snow Leopard VNC client on my MacBook, I can easily connect to Haiku (nightly r39010 gcc2 hybrid) on my Dell E520 desktop through a LAN connection… Although I can do stuff in Haiku from the Mac, such as launching and operating a terminal or browser or DeskCalc, there is an inconvenient delay between the new window opening in Haiku, which is immediate, and opening on the Mac. The delay is of the order of 2-5 seconds so any serious remote desktop activity is out of the question.
I’ve also tried remoting to Haiku from my iPad using the Mocha VNC Lite client.
Again, the connection is easily made but getting the iPad to control what happens on the Haiku computer was not possible for me.
Although tapping the iPad touch screen caused the Haiku mouse pointer to move to where I wanted it, I couldn’t simulate a mouse click, to get things to open or launch, on the touch screen.
Nevertheless, holding down the control key on the Haiku computer keyboard and then tapping the touch screen, seemed to simulate a right mouse click as the Desktop context menu opens. However, this is not a viable remote desktop action.
Anybody got any more successful VNC experiences with Haiku, and particularly the iPad?