VirtualBox Guest Additions not found

From the Haiku website I am instructed that VirtualBox Guest Additions can be installed through HaikuDepot, however, I can’t find it in my own Haiku system.

I am aware that repositories have to be refreshed before searching for packages, but it is still no avail to find the package.

So do I miss something or the instruction in Haiku website is outdated?

You are using 64 bit Haiku, right?

What miqlas tried to say so ineloquently: The VB guest add on is currently only available for 32bit Haiku. :slight_smile:


Looks to me like the Guest additions version 5.1.26 are available for 64 bit Haiku:

No the 32bit version of Haiku is just stuck on that old version, 64bit has the newer version.

ARCHITECTURES="!x86_gcc2 ?x86 ?x86_64"
? means untested. Test it, report back, and somebody will enable it.