Video problems

I installed Haiku on an old Gateway 6022GZ laptop. I am having a strange problem with the video. When I booted from the CD, the video was scrambled and only on a small part of the screen. So I restarted and used the fail safe video option 1280X768 32 bit. I was then able to install no problem. I had to do the same thing again after booing up the newly installed OS. The video fits just about the whole screen, but it wraps around. See the picture in the link below. I had to take a picture of the screen because it didn’t show up in a screenshot. Do I have to install a driver? See the specs link below


I use to have 855GME video card and I think that i could only use 1024*768 but that laptop did only have 13" so it could be that the screen only supported that.


mode ?

mode 1366 768 32 -?