Video Editing?


I’m a n00b, used to use BeOS years ago before getting into Filmmaking and switching to Apple.

What I want to know is if anyone is working on a video editing package like Avid or Final Cut for Haiku, or on porting something from another platform, such as the low end versions of Avid?

If not, someone should, as I for one would use it, along with quite a lot of other end-users I could mention who need low cost video editing software.

…and what about Arboretum Systems’ HyperEngine-AV (GPL) ?


Forward Agency

In progress we (always) trust.


looks interesting - I might have to check it out.

It would be excellent if something like that could be ported for haiku and even possibly have some of the BORIS free plugins ported/intergrated also

…BeOS software a long time ago?