VESA vs Rudolf nVidia driver


What is the major difference(s) between the VESA display driver and Rudolf’s nVidia driver? Is the Rudolf one a 2D accelerated driver? What else is special about it? I am currently running on a GeForce 6150 chipset. Thanks!



I can only tell you my experiences.
On my Athlon XP 3000+ with an GeForce 5600, I can with the VESA Driver of R1 Alpha 1 only have a screenresolution of 1024x768 pixles. with Rudolfs driver I can have all resolutions of my card. So I can use my standard resolution at 1280x1024 pixles. The Refreshrate I can change with both drivers same good.

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The nVidia driver is indeed 2d accelerated - so it will provide better performance when painting the screen (uses less CPU). 2d acceleration isn’t as important in Haiku as it was in BeOS, however, since Haiku’s app_server double-buffers the drawing and handles all the anti-aliasing of lines that are neither horizontal or vertical, but it can still be noticeable.

Furthermore, the nVidia driver will support overlay for video, and a full spectrum of screen resolutions and refresh rates that VESA cannot (refresh rates don’t matter so much on LCD panels, but on CRTs, being stuck in VESA’s 60hz mode can give you a headache).

Oh cool! Thanks for that bit of info.