Using SD cards with Haiku

I’m trying to install Haiku to an SD card, but the SD card isn’t seen at all. Of course, it also doesn’t show up in the Lenovo BIOS Boot Menu (which I use to boot the Haiku USB stick), so that’s probably why. But, does Haiku DriveSetup/Installer even acknowledge SD cards as installable media or does it only see it, if the system supports it on a BIOS level?

I don’t believe Haiku supports internal SD card readers at the moment (I do know there was some ongoing work before on getting this working, however I believe it’s on hold as of now). I have gotten USB SD card readers working with Haiku (However, this is because Haiku sees these USB SD card readers as generic mass storage devices, not as SD cards).

It depends on the particular card reader… some internet SD card readers are USB card readers which should work, the PCIe based ones won’t work.

yes same here…