Using haiku on hardware


I am run on Fujitsu LifeBook A512. All hardware work fine…


I Have been running on VirtualBox for years, hoping for a usable release. Now that Beta 1 is out, I have managed to install it in my 2007 MacBook Pro and in my wife’s 2008 Macbook. There are still a few rought edges, but also some nice things to enjoy. I like the application launch speed. :wink:


Always on hardware… never have aside from mame virtualised anything.

Currently running the nightlies on 2 apple laptops, c2d, and an i5 mbp… all work fine except for sound.

Main haiku box is a low power dual socket Opteron board with Audigy 2 PCI card. (Works perfect) with x850 xt and for anything that requires power I have a nforce 750i EVGA 775 board,Wolfie e8400 with 4 gigs of ram, and GTX 680.

I’ve probably got a few more boxes hanging around that I’ve booted haiku on, with mostly less success than the others, my 6 core daily 5,1MP for example, just blatantly refuses to boot Haiku.

At any rate, I am loving haiku64 ATM. Few issues here and there, mostly of my own doing no doubt, but just want to give a shout out to the guys and gals responsible for bringing this to us. AWESOME Job so far guys. Very proud of what you guys have done.