USB wireless adapter for Haiku


Someone know if this USB wireless adapter is compatible with Haiku?

In description page, they no reveal the used chipset (broadcom? atheros?).
In computer shops of my town this wireless adapter is one of most available and cheap USB wireless adapters.

Or someone can suggest me an usb wireless adapter Haiku-compatible that i can buy online?

Thanks in advance.

Check out haikuware They have drivers that others have tested.

There is no USB wifi driver yet at all. There is work being done on a USB wimax driver I believe but not WiFi yet. The USB stack isn’t quite complete either from what I understand though mostly working it still needs some more work.

The solution, at this point, would be to install a PCI wireless card. But the point is: would be this card Haiku-compatible? I look for a cheap PCI wireless card, and i found this: TP-LINK 54mbps tl-wn350g. In the Haikuware drivers page this card is not listed. Someone know if Haiku has TP-LINk drivers?


I have an update: i bought a PCI Wireless card, is a Netgear WPN311IS; works fine with Haiku, because this card have an Atheros chipset! Now i add this card to Haikuware’s hardware database.

Just for reference there is no such thing as a “TP-Link driver” alot of them are athero though as… the manufacuters use various chips within even the same model of a wifi adapter it just may have a different revision so you have to look up online which chip it uses and then look and see if haiku supports that chip.

As far as USB adaptors go I ahve a TP-Link WN722 which works great on everythign except haiku LOL