USB install won’t boot

I’m booting on an old Dell Latitude. I used dd on Linux to copy the image (latest release) to the USB stick.

Where can I start trouble shooting?


For bug reports you should add a report to Haiku (

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But asking for support on a bug tracker is usually out of bounds.

the developers look more for reports on the bug tracker than in the forum :wink:

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That aside, I’m still open to pointers on how to begin troubleshooting.

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Have a look here.
Though I guess the culprit was identified and you should retry with a nightly hrev56377 or later when available.

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System throwing a KDL at you is a bug, if it turns out to be bon-reproducable or a user error that is fine. :slight_smile:

Thanks - exactly what I’m looking for. Latest nightly has same issue so I’ll start working through this.