USB install not starting

Computer : Asus EEE PC 900 (32bit) that runs well under Debian.

Downloaded, confirmed it using sha256sum, extracted it and wrote it to a USB stick using Linux SUSE Studio Image. Selected to boot USB in BIOS and the Haiku image appeared but I next got a black screen that never changed. Rebooted with held down. All seven icons lit up but still got a black screen. What do I try next?

Hi ionmich,

Better use a nightly build for this. The beta is really outdated.

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Hold shift just before the boot logo shows to access the early boot menu, and then pick “use failsafe video mode”. You can enable this permanently in the kernel settings (home/config/settings/system/kernel).

If it still doesn’t work with the default configuration in the current nigtly builds, please submit a bugreport at

Many thanks for the speedy response. I booted to the desktop and am now at the crossroad to installation.