USB flash disk, boot loader confused


I written the haiku image using the “dd” command from Ubuntu to a new USB stick (HP v210w 8GB) but the boot loader says there is no Haiku volume found.
The “dd” command was a success.
But I’m stuck at this screen :

I tried to select a boot volume but no one was found.
The tutorial i followed is from here :

Are you by any chance attempting this on a new “Win 8” machine. With UEFI?

I understand that when you boot from the USB, UEFI will disconnect the hard disks in order to protect them from being accessed by any potential viruses on the USB stick.

Also lately not all raw nightly will boot I find. Also download an anyboot version to be sure.

Probably Haiku usb-stack don’t recognise your usb-hardware. If you have USB3 try using different ports as some are usually USB2. A bug report with your hardware would also be useful.