Usb_ecm dhcp timeout

Hi Everybody!

I have installed Haiku on my eee, and it is running really really well. I am trying to get internet access without using an ethernet cable to make the best use of the portability of the machine. I realise that wi-fi and Bluetooth/GPRS are out of the picture at the moment, but I thought I would have some success using my mobile 3G connection over a usb cable. Sure enough Haiku is picking the mobile up as a usb_ecm device quite happily, but syslog shows the DHCP is timing out without successfully setting up the connection. I looked into setting up the connection with static IP addresses, but when I ran some tests on another OS the subnet ranges alter with each setup, so DHCP seems necessary.

Have I missed something in the setup? Is the usb_ecm driver capable of doing what I want, or do I just have to wait until some other connection method becomes available?



The best advice is to file a bug report and then one of the developers can look into it & hopefully fix it. Bug reports are the only way things get fixed in Haiku and easy to submit.

A quick search provided this information:
which you can review for a few extra details.