USB disk HaikuOS formatted not recognized by Linux/Windows


after some months I came back to HaikuOS, installing last nightly on a Acer Aspire One.
All is almost OK, and of course very very fast :slight_smile:
I’m having a problem with an external usb disk I have chosen for backups.
With Haiku drive setup I’ve created 3 partitions, 2 with BeFS and one with NTFS.
I’ve made copies on the first BeFS partition and all seemed ok.
This morning I connected the disk to my pc in the office, and trying with Linux and Windows the usb disk appeared without any partition.
I had to use Linux fdisk to re-format usb disk, again 2 BeFS and one NTFS, this time with no problem at all.
This evening I’ll see if Haiku has no problem to use this external disk.

Have you ever had such a problem ?
Thanks in advance

Which partitionning system did you use? Sometimes such things can happen if your disk has an old GPT header at the end and it is not erased by creating a new MBR (which uses only the start of the disk).

Yesterday I simply connected disk via usb and launched “Drive Setup”.
Then I made 3 partitions and mounted all.
I was able to use all of them, writing about 20 Gb on first BeFS partition and 10 Gb on NTFS partition.
Then this morning I connected usb disk to my work PC (Win7), and the disk appeared like a ‘never touched’ one.
I decided to re-format it using an Ubuntu PC via fdisk.
I’ve to wait to come back home to test this drive on my HaikuOS netbook, just to use it like a data backup drive.

I does not made a USB with partitons, but coukd be a problem then the ntfs partoiton is not first? Windows can not read bfs by default, so this could be the a solution?

I decided to use partitions because is a 1TB disk (I just chose not to use all this space only for Haiku :wink:).
I know that Windows cannot read bfs. What I’ve found strange is that also Linux was unable to see partitions created with Haiku Drive Setup.
But, as I wrote before, I must wait this evening to test if Haiku is now able to ‘see’ partitions created with Linux fdisk.
Of course I’ll let you know.

p.s. Btw, apart from this ‘strange’ behavior, it’s incredible how fast is HaikuOS on such a poor and old hardware (Acer Aspire One). I’ve also last Fedora on it but it seems too slow and consumes too much resources (without talking about Windows 10 …).

Thats my expierience installing haiku:

I use always a linux file system, because Windows can be change the partiton number if i start it before i covert the filesystem to bfs.

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Very well done, thank you !

In that case, you did not explicitly create a partition map from Haiku - just partitions inside an existing partition map. So, I don’t know what was on your disk before, but it’s quite possible that you had both GPT and MBR, and Haiku decided to update the GPT, while other OS kept using the MBR, or vice versa.

Starting from a fresh and clean partition table (as you did by re-partitioning on Linux) should solve the issue, then.

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Yes, I think so.
I’ll be 100% sure in a few hours, I’ll let you know.
Thank you so much!