USB Bootable creator

Is on haiku any application for creating bootable usb? Like balena etcher.

cat and dd, for example.

Maybe an easy to use script

How dd works on haiku? where to point?

I need a tutorial for dd on haiku :sunny:

On “Making a Haiku USB Stick | Haiku Project”, it finishes with dd .

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If you want a copy of a current Haiku install onto a USB stick, you can use: Leaf menu → Applications → Installer. This will copy your current install onto a USB stick.

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Hey, there is no difference between a Haiku usb boot medium and the installer, they work the same. that is why extrowerk suggested to just copy it.

The “normal” way to do this is creating a prtition layout in drivesetup and then using the Installer application, this will however copy all user files aswell. (and is unusably slow if it tries to copy something like a git repo… perhaps we can improve this and or add a “dont copy use files” option)


There are (dis)advantages on both sides, recently created a USB thumb, updated that one, used Installer to install to another USB thumb with a larger partition, grabbed sources for haikuport(er)s on that one, booted it to another laptop that is using wifi, saved the settings for that, cp’d my ssh key there, blacklisted a radeon_hd driver for one of the laptops here …
Then I used that USB thumb to install/boot to bare metal, saves me on doing the prior work before :wink:

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