USB Alfa AC600 Realtek, any trick to make it work?

Hello everyone, is there any trick to make this wifi dongle work? It works partially, it is recognized and it scans networks but it won’t let me connect to any network (wrong password) my onboard wifi definitely is not supported from what I have read.

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You can report a bug at

Generally we try to resolve bugs and not teach users wierd workarounds :wink:

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And we do tutorials: Report system or program error - BeSly Haiku only

But for you wireless adapter i have no idea.

Look at out hardware database for supported wireless adapters:

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Thank you I was hesitant because the support for USB dongles is kind of new

You are correct that it is new, in this case however the situation is kind if neat: the compat layers extension to usb is new so it’s still somewhat fresh in memory, and secondly since the driver is from FreeBSD or OpenBSD the functionality can be tested directly against those to see what works differently.

Don’t be afraid to report bugs, we don’t bite :wink:

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