I got a nightly build installed, since the alpha3 did not work for me. I want to know if there is a way to upgrade to the next nightly build from within Haiku or do we do a fresh install - which means I could loose all my files. There is nothing in the documentation about this :frowning:

Unofficial method, that works for me
WARNING! Before doing this be sure that you have CD or flash drive, form what you can boot Haiku
0) Save all your documents; type “sync” command in Terminal to pervent data loss

  1. download raw image from here http://www.haiku-files.org/haiku/development/; extract it
  2. open haiku-nightly.image; new drive appears
  3. rename “system” folder to “-system”
  4. copy contents of mounted drive to your /boot drive
  5. reboot
    6.1) If all is OK then just delete “-system” folder and work happily with upgraded Haiku
    6.2) If system became unbootable, then boot system from external partiton, delete system folder from your Haiku disk(NOT from external partiton) and rename “-system” to “system”; Reboot

Thank you X512 for your reply to my query.

I found that burning it to USB stick, booting from it and using the Installer also works pretty good without deleting my installed optional packages or my /boot/home folder and all in it. I read that development is on for an upgrade manager so we do not have to go through this lengthy process. Looking forward to using this amazingly fast OS.