Upgrade to Haiku Beta4 available -- 5 patches applied

Ahoy !

5 patches got into the tube to Haiku base system :

Commit message (Expand) Author Age Lines
* mime_db: Broaden AVIF filetype guess Emmanuel Gil Peyrot 17 hours -1/+1
* BitmapStream: fix grayscale AVIF decoding PulkoMandy 17 hours -2/+3
* getlogin_r: Make actually reentrant and fix error return value. Augustin Cavalier 17 hours -51/+62
* uchar.h: Add missing include of stdint.h. Augustin Cavalier 17 hours -0/+1
* libroot/glibc: apply upstream fix for printf_fphex: Fix up long double fphex. Jérôme Duval 17 hours -0/+1

None of the links work for me. It says ‘doesnt exist or private’.

Links are fixed


Thanks @korli :))

My lazyness led to this situation - I just wanted to add a list of patches into the post, I paste it from Gerrit without converson to simple text - hoping it won’t be tried out as links.
Well, I see, someone had to …
Anyway - I’m happy now that access has fixed, so anyone would feel the urging desire to test : is it working ? … for them it will work !.. :smiley:

We have also made a wiki page to Trac which tickets have been fixed in the beta4 branch:


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Ahoy !

2 additional patches were selected to Haiku base system :

Commit message (Expand) Author Age Lines
* Deskbar: Limit app bar width by BarMenuBar widthr1beta4 John Scipione 35 hours -9/+6
* threads.h: Fix value of ONCE_FLAG_INIT. Augustin Cavalier 35 hours -3/+2
 Previously - in my similar post - I forgot to mention : 

Webpositive also refreshed - just as now again

THEN FROM beta4_hrev56578_70-1 TO beta4_hrev56578_75-1
NOW FROM beta4_hrev56578_75-1 TO beta4_hrev56578_77-1

But to know what changed* under the hood you must wait till monthly report, as I could find omly one patch that has Webpositive in its title from 2023-02-10 and I would be really surprized that would not be included already. The otherts were earlier :slight_smile:

https://cgit.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/?qt=grep&q=Webpositive ¤¤

Well, I used star at this ‘changed’,
as I may write after the following : (or not).

How I mean it ?.. I can imagine a scenario, when Jam tool automatically
gives the new revision number for all the given packages that default exists in its config
to renders altogether as new base OS ( so the kernel and others ) from source files - those even not all of them has or has not changes itself in their code.

So when Haiku revision number changes
then the packages - rendered altogether with new Haiku kernel -
has the same revision number in its package name
as the new Haiku kernel has.

 This way maybe I would do like a puppy that impassionately chases his own tail 

if I (would) search beyond for such changes of Webpositive :laughing:

However maybe I wrong NOW and I will be corrected below :wink:
by someone who knows this better. :innocent:


Earlier I decided I would reveal the connection between
patch and bug or rather the effort to fix a bug :

deskbar: Limit app bar width by BarMenuBar width ----- Fixes #18299

threads.h: Fix value of ONCE_FLAG_INIT. ----- Fixes #18348.


Why open a new thread every time a patch is applied to beta4?

Nothing changed in webpositive, it’s just rebuild for the same version as the rest.


Indeed. I have moved the posts to the existing topic. I’m also not sure why these posts are useful at all, these are pretty boring bugfixes (as you’d expect in a beta branch).


Greetings !

Someone not ‘layman’ to taking care about their OS, but not everyday refresh packages … however he may await for an issue to be resolved … possibly even do not report/complain/etc. – but would like to know about.
As I’m curious and do some checks … I was not lazy to transfer such info to them. I understand it can irritate such data/info who meets with every turn at their Haiku activities.

However - from my side I’ve stopped doing it - I would rather avoid to be divisive in such small stuff (as someone seems liked and someone not liked).

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