Updates for Haiku

Just curious, right now Beta 1 has been released. So if I installed Beta 1 on my PC, then would I receive updates for Beta 2 or do I have to reformat and install Beta 2, and once when stable is released, would I receive the stable updates if I am using Beta version?

It should be possible to update from beta1 to beta2, and later on to the stable R1 when that happens. You can also switch to the “nightlies” update channel and get more frequent updates and bugfixes, at the cost of the occasional regression.


How difficult would it be to add the latest nightly to HaikuDepot?

That way you could keep as up-to-date as you wanted with just a couple of clicks.

There already are updates available, and there always have been…?

Just run “SoftwareUpdater” (or pkgman in the Terminal.) If you are on the beta, you will have to switch to the master channel to get the absolute latest.

I am probably showing my ignorance here. I imagined that the Beta was updated periodically, but that the absolute latest iteration would be the latest nightly.

How often is the Beta updated?

There are two update channels. The “beta” channel is updated only with critical bugfixes, and we have not focused too much on this because it turns out the “nightly” channel has kept relatively stable and usable for now. We are using the “beta” channel as a rough estimate of what it will cost to maintain R1 after it has shipped, and when the “nightly” branch is full of makor changes and regressions from the work on R2.

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