Update packages Haiku userguide

how ia can unselect packages at Update ?
i need only the german haiku usergiud and i while not install all Languages packages

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Look here :frowning:


Fast closing of my enhancement without right discussion.

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I think is not possible to do a “selective” update like that. But in your case, I guess the best option is just uninstall the guides that you don’t need.

It would be possible then every userguide are separates stored.

You does not need more guide as you home languages and english. All of the Rest is Crash, never Usedom files and Reserve spare.

Thats not aceptable for a system for users

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Danke !

A ticket already existed: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/5785
What is more to discuss?


Because that is a separate different and marginally related issue, also wasn’t that optional package view removed from the installer… we shouldn’t really remove things if we intend to fix them, it reduces visibility of the problems.

As @lelldorin pointed out… there is little reason to install all usersguides even if they are shipped on the install media. Frankly there is little reason to install all fonts as well… it’s just bloat. Adding insult to injury… these updates are fairly large and slow, and add additional load to the update servers. Unless I manually uninstall them… a significant amount of time and bandwidth is often wasted updating them.

Also I still see the issue where on all my machines running Haiku natively update downloads are throttled to about 600KBps… while in a vm the don’t throtte or at least run at several MBps… if this were intended behavior well OK, but I haven’t heard anything about it?

The optional package view was removed from the installer in the beta1 branch.
Please check: https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/log/src/apps/installer?h=r1beta1

from waddlesplash on ticket #15113 : “We always ship the full userguide package set with every release installer. What we should do is make installing those packages optional – so this is a dupe of #5785.”

I’m rephrasing: when the Installer is fixed to only install the system language userguide, the system update will only propose an update for this userguide package. which is exactly the description of the ticket: “[UK]Installing the userguides for all languages during the system updates takes a lot of time, here it would be useful if only the specified system language is updated.”

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Additionally it should probably be the case that keyboard selection during installation should preselect the correct userguides etc…

Also I think waddlesplash has missunderstood the point of @lelldorin’s ticket… really it shouldn’t be duplicate but the optional package ticket should be a blocker for it.

The whole point of trac is to track issues… that is lost if you mark thinks as duplicates haphazardly.

Not sure if I explain myself correctly. I’m talking about the updating window from HaikuDepot. When you looks for updates, you can’t mark wich one update and which one not (you only have the “Update All” button).

I’m not sure if it aceptable or not. But actually is one (or the only?) way to avoid to had to download that unnecessary updates.

“#5785 Show optional packages non-functional” is marked as blocker for lelldorin’s #15113. The solution to not having to update unneeded languages of user guide packages is not having to exclude them every time SoftwareUpdater wants to update them. It’s not installing them in the first place.

The legitimate enhancement to be able to exclude packages from updates is tracked in #14427 SoftwareUpdater: select packages to update.

Nothing haphazardly - time for knickers to unbunch.

Then this should have been explained… was it no. That’s all. The reply waddlesplash gave when closing the ticket as a dupe doesn’t line up with what you are saying despite it probably being correct on both your parts.

It’s not marked as a blocker it is marked as a duplicate the semantics are backwards but if the problem is as you say then I may have it backwards in my head so nevermind?

The solution of this is so easy. Only install the selected system language by first install of the system.

SoftwareUpdater only install updates, so i only get updated the installed userguide right?

Its just update not expanded (only there is set an dependencies thats not installed)

Well I think dependencies are resolved when you update… and you have to remember that when update happen you can and must be able to bring in new dependencies as needed… the side effect is that even if you didn’t install them they’d still get pulled in as dependencies.

You could perhaps remove these packages from the dependency chain but that would mean more manual work… so i imagine the intent is to make this work while remaining automated.

Why manual work? You select the language by installing haiku (this is default), here the system knows that language is set for the installation. Then only the selected language package or userguide will be installed. I does not see any need for a dependencies here.

If other guides not installed , you does not get them by updating.

Yes to realise this you need to create for every userguide a separate package.

It’s a conflict of interest between the installer and the installed system. The installer must have them all… but the installed system only wants what it wants… perhaps that means there should be a meta package created during install that resolve this.

So, the installer would get a package that pulls in all languages and the system would get an edited version of that package that only pulls in what was selected.

We are talking about the userguide. Why should the installer or the system need it for other things?

I agree it shouldn’t… except well the installer does need it to be in the image.

The install DVD has included all, but installed should only the set system language. We only need a package for every language with the user guide. If it is not available the installer should install the default one (english).

The best would be a package with userguide, quick guide, welcome Text for any language.

Here you can install it again using HaikuDepot if you delete it.