Update haiku

I installed the official Haiku Alpha release from CD onto my laptop.

How can i update this to the latest level?

Or is there any point?

I wasnt able to find any docuentation that tells you how to do this.

Haiku doesn’t have an update system yet. You could download a nightly RAW image, mount it with a double click and use the Installer app to install it all to a second partition. I’m not sure if it would work to mount that image and simply copy everything besides the “home” folder to your existing installation and reboot…

You should also be aware, that alpha releases are much better tested than nightlies. With those you live on the bleeding edge of Haiku development…


download and burn the cd image … http://haiku-files.org/cd/ install from there over the r1a1 install. again, this is a nightly image and not as well tested as the alpha.