Up-squared board with Haiku



I intend to buy an up-squared board. It contains an Atom x7-e3950.
I know that the gpu will use the vesa driver (broxton gpu, a descendent of the skylake one).
The ethernet controllers are realtek RTL8111G (two of them).
I will use a mSATA drive for it.
Is Haiku nightly build stable enough to be installed on a 64bits UEFI platform?
Do I need to install a boot manager or haiku contains one for UEFI platforms?
And if so, what is your easiest way to do it?




Yes, Haiku is more than stable enough for 64-bit EFI; I boot 64-bit Haiku via EFI as my main bare metal installation.

We have an EFI loader that you can put inside an ESP and then everything should “just work”.



Where can I find this EFI loader?
I previously tried on my surface pro 5. I created a 500 MB EFI boot partition and copied the files from the UEFI boot partition of the nightly image, but I failed booting. I ended up in the UEFI shell.




The UEFI boot partition contains the EFI bootloader, indeed.

What fails booting? Do you get an error message from the EFI system?


I did not really investigate it. I had to install Linux on it.
I should receive my up-squared very soon (a matter of hours), I will give it a try and feedback any issue/success.




Just to inform everyone, I successfully installed Haiku OS on the up-squared board, the atom x7-3950 version with a mSATA storage (Samsung 860 EVO 1TB).
Only my screen resolution in fancy (3840x1080 instead of 5120x1440).
I will try to force it.
So displayport is working, network is working.




I may have to ditch the idea of using Haiku on my Kodlix and get one of these.