Universal binaries?

Haiku PowerPC will be out soon and finding new PPC apps will be harder.

It would be nice to include universal binaries for RISC & CISC machines or to have universal APIs for Haiku (If it doesent exist). And urge developers only to use it than writing special codes to take advantage of specific CPU.

What do you think ?.

disclamier: I’m not a programmer nor i know everything about BeOS. :lol:

I’m not a programmer either but from what i understand, all you need is the source, a cross-complier and drivers obviously… :roll:

As jeanmarc said the easiest way is to distribute the source, libraries and use a cross platform compiler. This has it’s own set of problems for certain users/applications but can work quite well.

Short of that it could be technically possible to all sorts of crazy things with executable file formats, but for anything sane you pretty much come straight back to emulators and source compilation unfortunately.