Unified "Preferences" App?

No, it was from Be Inc. It just didn’t see the light of day from any release most people saw.

Yep, thats what i meant but was unable to formulate my words correctly.

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Would be interesting to see a screenshot if you somehow have it.

Never hear of a compact preferences panel in BeOS in the past. I only know this one:

f0466-1lx-4oyr-kquscmcip1jvpg.png (461×435) (wordpress.com)

It is nothing more as BeOS, just the folder.

Zeta does the step to complete preferences panel (could be a part of leaked source).

I’ll see what I can dig up. I don’t have a copy of Dano installed on any VM at the moment though, and most of my stuff is in storage till mid February. IIRC the first version of the “Control Panel” in PhOS and whatever Zeta pre 1.0 shipped with was the same app.