Unicode text editor MinEd ported to Haiku

on suggestion of a user of my text editor, I adapted it for Haiku.
It’s a text-mode (command line) editor with extensive Unicode support, menus and mouse control.
It’s user interface is much more intuitive and user-friendly than that of legacy command line editors.

The version updated for Haiku can be downloaded from http://sf.net/projects/mined

I’ve had a few issues with porting that I’d like to mention:
I assume these are the proper directories to install a command-line tool:

I guess this does not apply to command-line applications, but according to
applications should install into /boot/common/apps/ or /boot/home/apps/

  • however, these directories do not exist in the Haiku system I got installed
    (there is /Haiku/apps instead).

There is a bug in Haiku sed which I should probably report to the tracker system.

And there are a number of problems and deficiencies with the Haiku Terminal application which I should probably also post to the tracker system.


Great news. I would like to know:

To what extent is Mined customizable? (API, colors, menus, etc)

Is it scriptable?

It’s not scriptable. But you are the third person recently to ask about it. So if you motivate me with a convincing use case, let’s see…
Some other aspects are customizable. The main aim of mined, however, is to provide a good user interface that works out of the box for everybody without the need to study first, and combine that with a rich set of editing features as well as interoperability.
Have you tried it? Any feedback?

I personally like Minimum Profit its cli editor is my favorite aside nano/pico the graphical editor is quite lacking though IMO. And scripted as well…