Unable to update to nightly

Good evening,

to have all strings translation sync’ed as soon as possible, I’ve switched from beta1 to nightly dropping the beta repos and replacing with the current ones, following the guide at https://www.haiku-os.org/guides/daily-tasks/updating-system/

After the first pkgman update, which brings to me #href52379 I’ve got no further updates to newer nighties. I’ve checked and these anyboot images are definitively available.

Same is with a full-sync. I just get a “Nothing to do”

At pkgman list I see the two current repos Haiku and HaikuPorts as expected. Nothing seems wrong, there


Did I miss something?

The package builder is for the repos is a separate entity from what I gather… nobody has gotten an update past this yet. I think sometimes the repo package builder gets stuck on a package like webkit etc… for a long time or crashes and requires manual fixing etc…

kallisti5 and waddlesplash would know more about this I think.

Yes, the repository builder still doesn’t trigger properly. I think @kallisti5 was looking into this, but no luck so far.