Unable to confirm my email address in the bug tracker

I would like to file some bugs to help the Haiku community, but unfortunately when I request the confirmation email by Trac, I never receive it.

I have checked my email address is correct, and also check my Spam folder just in case.

Does anyone else have this issue, or know a workaround? Cheers.

Hey Sabex,

unfortunately that’s a problem that keeps cropping up… I don’t think anyone has a solution for it. I looked around, but couldn’t find anything that shows me if a confirmation mail has been sent or to send one manually. I tried resetting your password, but I guess that doesn’t change anything either…
It just says “No email address is registered for this account.” while I can see your email address. I suspect that will only change once you have confirmed the registration, which is the original problem…
Maybe try another email address, if you can…

Sorry about that.

If he had no post done, you could delete the account, so he can register again

Hi both, thanks for the help here on the forum and on IRC.

I’ve gotten it working by changing the email address to a temporary one, then back again.

Thanks once again, I shouls be able to log bugs in Trac now.

Hey, from what i’ve seen lots of people are having trouble with the bugtracker. This may be a big project, but maybe Haiku should migrate to some other bug tracker system such as Bugzilla or Assembla. This is just a suggestion as it may be easier to see if an upgrade for Trac would help as it’s quite a few versions old.

Migrating thousands of tickets and getting our workflow up to speed in a new bugtracker is not an easily achieved thing. It sounds much simpler to just log in to that server and look at what’s going wrong with the mail configuration to make so much mails go lost.

Unfortunately, it seems only nielx has access to that server, and he is mostly away from the project at the moment (after updating Trac from 0.12 to 1.0, which added a few more bugs than there were before).

I’m most familiar with Redmine personally, and I’d recommend it.

I wandered over to the Trac website, and it looks like they have a new stable version (1.2). Another upgrade might be worth a shot.

I doubt switching the bugtracker to a different one would help. The issue is likely to be at some lower level, mail server misconfiguration or something. We don’t need to replace the tools, we need people in the sysadmin team to take care of the servers configuration and keeping things running. If they can’t do it, we should consider migrating to a hosted platform where someone else does the work for us, but then the work to migrate our existing ticket base… also requires someone to invest effort in it.

I think overall we are quite happy with Trac the way it’s set up. So there is no need to replace it with another tool. We just need to get the server configured properly, and only a few people have ssh access there (security reasons, plus you don’t want everyone to mess with the setup).

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Alright, I do have to say Trac is easier to navigate through than some other bug trackers I’ve used.