Unable to cofigure Email. Does not send or fetch emails

User guide talks about POP3, but only IMAP preferences are shown…I have filled out all relevant details, still, it does not fetch Email from my gmail account or send a testmail to another email
Are updated instructions for setting up Email available anywhere? Pl. guide

Which email provider are you using?

Atleast when POP3 is selected, when I ask it to check for new mail, it says APOP is not supported by the server

For IMAP, it is mum…dont even know if it is checking or not

gmail, web Email…

Did you created an application-specific password?

No. Whatever I input for gmail direct

That definetely won’t work. You need an app-specific password.

If still not works, consider to switch to a different email provider.

A small query…
Why does it respond that APOP is unsupported when I select POP3 and keep mum when I select IMAP?
IN both cases, password remains same…

APOP is probably a subtype of POP3, but you can read about it using your preferred websearch engine.

I am not capable to understand your problem description regarding IMAP.