UEFI guide

ok, so probably it wasn’t skipped with the latest haiku r1beta4 at that moment? There was also a haikuloader.bios_ia32 but I supposed it was for legacy booting, not for EFI.

Maybe they could be named something like BOOTX64.EFI and BOOTX86.EFI, instead of just haiku_loader.efi then? (maybe it also has changed since then)

The bootloader will scan all partitions and find one with the Haiku GUID and a kernel in it. So there is no need for manual configuration.

The integration of the bootloader in beta 3 was a bit experimental. Since then, the Haiku install disk comes with an EFI partition, and the file inside that is named BOOTX64.EFI. And you can mount that partition from Haiku to do the copy of the bootloader. So, it is a bit simpler than it was before. It still is not perfect, ideally, BootManager should help with setting up a boot menu on EFI systems. But someone has to write the code for that.