Trying to install to HDD; Expand BeFS?


I’m glad I’m not the only one. For a while I thought I was going crazy. Thank you.


The bug was fixed in hrev53100.


Just some more points on GPT partition table.

The best way to create and maintain GPT partition scheme is gdisk (which can also be used for MBR partition scheme), not fdisk. And the reason is GPT has more configuration attributes compared to MBR, which are not (properly) handed by fdisk.

MBR has the notion of “partition type” which is 2-digit hexadecimal number, whose value EB means Haiku. GPT uses 128-bit identifier for the same purpose, 42465331-3BA3-10F1-802A-4861696B7521 is used for Haiku ( Some OSes (is Haiku among them ?) are sensible to filesystem type and partition type where they can be installed to.

Additionally to filesystem UUID (the characteristic of filesystem, not related to partition scheme), GPT also uses partition UUID unlike MBR (not to be confounded with partition type ID). So it is possible e.g. to tell GRUB the partition UUID you like to boot, and it will be the same after you format this partition as long as the partition itself is not deleted and recreated.


Thank you, @waddlesplash. I’ve got my machine triple-booting with Haiku, this time from the spare HDD instead of a USB thumb drive. Walter hrev53102 is working like a charm.

Good points @alpopa, I’ll remember that if I counter such filesystem issues again. I wasn’t aware of such limitations in fdisk. I’ve got my machine booting Haiku in Legacy mode, which provides better display resolution options than EFI.


Насколько я понял проблема в том что GPT некорректно работает с загрузчиком Haiku.А если я возьму HDD и используя низкоуровневое форматирование сотру всю информацию и инициализирую MBR чтобы записать только одну ось Haiku то сможет ли загрузчик без всех этих проблем просто автоматом загружать Haiku?Потому как читая все эти записки не могу понять почему не использовать Haiku как основную ось без всех этих проблем?Просто сменить HDD на другой и используй другие оси.


Bfs can not expand, iirc


Я пробовал устанавливать Haiku на HDD без никакой схемы разделов (весь диск), на раздел MBR и на раздел GPT. При этом совершенно не важно, использует ли компьютер BIOS или UEFI. Haiku устанавливается и грузится без проблем во всех этих случаях.

(но ответ скорее получите, если всё-таки писать по-английски)


There was a GSoC 2012 project to do just that… but unfortunately the code is not usable at present. Some handy links:

GSoC final report:
Previous forum thread: Resizing BFS
Feb 2019 monthly update where progress on merging the GSoC code was mentioned: