Trouble installing to Inspiron 8000


I’ve tried installing Haiku Alpha 1 to a DELL Inspiron 8000, with debug out to screen ticked I get this,

Any ideas what would be causing this, I’m not an expert in deciphering KDL lingo. I’m trying to find out a definitive list of what hardware is inside this device, and will post if this is of help to the project devs.

I tried disabling most everything but user addons, but the error remains.


I’m guessing you tried all the safe boot options and that did not help.

You can use “co” in KDL to continue and see if that gets you booted.

What you should do ( to eventually get this fixed ).

  1. try latest nightly image
  2. search for other similar issues & see if there are any solutions.
  3. add to this ticket ( seems similar issue to yours but with slightly different hardware )
    a) in KDL type “bt” for backtrace info
    b) try to provide clear picture(s) for developer to read.