Translations for popularization

I propose

  • to make a translations of the official site in different languages.
  • to make subforums for different languages.
  • to make presentations of opportunities (video preview) haiku in different languages.

Respectfully, Vladimir Vasilenko.

Aside from the advantages of having only one site for all to go to, are you aware that there are a number of other Haiku sites out there? There is at-least German, French and Italian that I know of (not that I can read any of them).

If you get your support on this site, I wonder if the other sites would want to merge/cross-post here?

[quote=Earl Colby Pottinger]
I wonder if the other sites would want to merge/cross-post here?[/quote]

If the merge/cross-post is possible, I can ask a Russian Community that they think about this idea.

From what I know. They prefer different languages & presentations in different languages to be handled by HUGs (Haiku User Groups). That is how it will stay for now.

Later on, the site will either a) stay only in English or b) have a couple of different languages (popular spoken ones). I think they will stay with English and let HUGs handle other languages to make things easier for them. Anyways, will not know for sure until we get closer to R1 release.

A Russian BeOS/Haiku site:

Also, HUGs will have to translate the documentation (ie: Haiku user guide) into their own language and provide link to it.

Creation of subforums is not a priority, but it is a very simple task.