Tracker "Get Info"

Here’s one of those (few) things that has always irked me about BeOS:

  1. Select a group of files with the lasso.
  2. Right click and select Get Info

A whole pile of info boxes appear, one for every file selected.

Please, in Haiku, (probably OpenTracker?) change this so that a single window appears showing the total size of all selected files, and perhaps has a list view showing all selected file details (a clickable arrow, like for permissions, could also be used to hide the file list for those who don’t want it?)

Note, this is not the same as putting a folder in list view mode - I may select files from different locations e.g. if preparing to backup.

Current behaviour is the same as the original Windows 95 :frowning:

Edit: Sorry this was my first post to this forum - this maybe should have been in the “feature” thread?

Yeah, I wish that didn’t happen too.

I’m just posting to add to the post count in hopes that someone who could fix it will see it. Plus a bump. :slight_smile:


I believe that is a OpenTracker issue/feature :wink:

I too find it a tad annoying …